Leadership & Learning

Facilitates professional and leadership development for CYP members by providing topical seminars, opportunities to interact with Coast business leaders, and scholarships for local programs.

Policy & Government

Educates and engages members on a wide variety of political issues that affect the Mississippi Gulf Coast from economic development to quality of life from an unbiased, non-partisan point-of-view.

Projects & Networking

Assists members in getting to know each other and exploring interests of other fellow CYP members through networking opportunities and activities that build professional relationships.


Community Service

Connects members to voluntary service projects and outreach programs that address the needs and wants of the local community.


Recruits and retains CYP members through social events and activities while keeping a pulse on current membership to understand what is important and valuable to members.


Informs membership and prospective members of upcoming events and opportunities via e-mail and social media networks in an effort to remain informed.